September 17, 2006.

That was the date you went abroad. That makes it exactly 10 years now that you have been away. How time flies, right?

You were here a few times in between, each and every time never quite enough to sate my yearning for you–even if you spent more of those precious few days with me than with your own family. Still, not enough. Call me selfish, call me possessive; that’s why we’re in this relationship in the first place. I love/need/want you, you love/need/want me, to hell with all others. That’s us.

That is not to say everything in that decade was smooth sailing. Lord knows it was anything but. The distance brought out the best and worst in us both, to the point where I even gave up on you. But thank the Lord and bless your good heart and stubborn spirit–you didn’t let me go. Not even when I was at my lowest point and hurting each and every one who cared for me, most especially you. For that, I can never thank you enough.

Will our next 10 years be like this? I sure hope to God it’s not, in the sense that we’re physically apart. Hopefully sooner rather than later, circumstances will finally allow you to stay here or me to go there. For good. For better or worse. I hope it’s still us by then.

I miss you so much.

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