As addicted as I am to coffee, I hardly went to Starbucks last year for a number of reasons; mostly because [even] the nearest branch was so out of the way from home and work, but also because I was making a conscious effort to minimize my expenses. Their handcrafted beverages, yummy as they are, are considered indulgences in my books. Because yes, I can get by instant coffee, thank you very much.

This year though, I have already been there more than a coupla times. Most memorable being:

That time we spent almost half an hour laughing in the idling car because of my coffee.. #iMissYou

— Nathalie (@blackshirt13) February 20, 2016

See, that time I ordered a hot Cafe Mocha while he went for a Green Tea Frappe (and please spare a moment to read the Instagram caption above 😉 ). Naturally, he finished his [cold] drink first. I was barely a third into mine when he stood up to leave. So into the car we went, me still blowing on my piping hot coffee. I was the designated driver and I obviously can’t drink [hot coffee] while driving, so we sat in the idling car while I sipped my coffee. He eventually got impatient and took my coffee from me–and then started laughing, the jerk. So I grabbed my coffee and took a few more sips. Then he asked if we could go and held out his hand to hold my coffee. But when I gave it to him, he started laughing again. I started laughing too. The exchange went back and forth a few more time, each time with us laughing harder. And so we stayed that way until I was sated enough with caffeine to actually start driving. 😀

Anywho. Anecdote aside, the thing is I gave in to weakness earlier and dropped by since I was already at the mall. And I saw that very pretty card at the counter. And gave in to weakness once more and bought one along with the Java Frappe [to share with my little girl]. *sigh* The damn thing’s so pretty! 😀

Just registered it to my inactive Starbucks account and with the leftover balance from my other inactive card, I discovered I now have enough for another drink. So, yey for the next time I find myself at the coffeehouse! 😀

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