Because I am so over fancy planners when I am too lazy (or perhaps live too boring a life?) to actually fill up their pages with that much exciting events, I just got myself the 2016 version of my last cheap but sufficient little planner:


There was a year when I actually had not one, but two goddamn expensive planners. One from Starbucks (which upped my caffeine intake and downed my budget) and another from the BDJ group, the Everything Is Possible planner (and no, I didn’t become a millionaire while using it). And for all their hype and fancy-pants features, I stopped writing in them a quarter into the year. Shameful, I know. But at least I learned my lesson. 🙂

I really do live quite a boring life and the most I write in my planner are book and movie releases, aside from the usual birthday entries and Francine’s school activities. That’s why a fifty-peso planner does more than suffice for my meager needs.

Sometimes, simple really is better. 😉
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3 thoughts on “Time To Get Stuff Done

  1. Same here! I bought the 2016 version of my 80-peso planner. I’ve written on every page of my current planner (expenses, to do list etc), unlike my more expensive journal where I only paste photos, boarding passes and whatnot.

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