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Photography Basics: Shutter Speed

By on July 15, 2013

So this is like, just the real basic stuff. I only had time for a coupla quick snaps to use for this not-quite-tutorial, so please expect nothing fancy or intricate.

In layman’s terms, shutter speed is the duration of time that the shutter is open once you click the camera. This is usually measured in seconds or increments of seconds like 1/x seconds. The longer the shutter remains open, the more light enters the image sensor. To better demonstrate, take a look at the following photos. They are all set at f/5.6 and ISO of 1600 and not edited save for putting the labels. The only difference is the shutter speed:


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Those lashes

By on July 8, 2013

Francine's lashes

Broke out my not-used-for-a-long-time-but-not-forgotten camera from underneath the rubble and took some photos last weekend. And of course, of course, I must have my daughter as a willing (or sometimes unsuspecting, as in this case) model. 😉 Damn, I missed shooting.. I have gotten a bit rusty, must shoot and practice more.

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Mommy Thoughts | Randomness | Reality

Someone needs a haircut

By on July 5, 2013

… or hair clips at the very least. 😛

Francine has fine thin hair, so I want to somehow thicken her locks before growing them out. Hence, I cut her hair once it reaches her shoulders. I am not one to waste spend money on kiddie salons so armed with scissors and guts, I cut her hair myself. The end result is not too bad actually. She’s very active and malikot so it always ends up mussed anyway if not held back with clips or elastics, thus rendering the shaggy, uneven ends unnoticeable. 😉


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