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2020 BuJo: K-1 Visa Journey Page

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Copelle Gold

2020 Bullet Journal

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Pilot Metropolitan ver. 2.0

My Pilot Metropolitan ver. 2.0

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Am I getting TOO thin?

By on July 11, 2010

Just a few moments ago, I was in the middle of reading a book I bought on sale the other day when Mama blurted out “Ikaw ga are?” while pointing to the TV. Startled as you could expect, I glanced at the TV to see what she’s talking about. It was tuned to NBN and the woman on the screen was discussing, of all things, anorexia nervosa. Yes, that anorexia nervosa, the eating disorder. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Let Wikipedia enlighten you:

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight, and an obsessive fear of gaining weight due to a distorted self image which may be maintained by various cognitive biases that alter how the affected individual evaluates and thinks about their body, food and eating. AN is a serious mental illness with a high incidence of comorbidity and also the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder.

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Health, Wellness & Beauty

Jumping on the BB Cream bandwagon

By on

A brief overview of BB creams. The “BB” in BB creams stands for Blemish Balm. Supposedly they came or were developed in Germany as after-laser surgery treatment for some celebrities. However, it is the Korean celebrities who made BB creams popular what with their enviably flawless complexions. BB creams are considered more as makeup than skin care products, but unlike traditional makeup they contain certain ingredients for any or all of the following functions: whitening, anti-aging, SPF protection, anti-acne or anti-blemish, skin tone correction, and can act as makeup primer or foundation. I have no interest in it as makeup per se, but the other functions sound pretty good especially for just one product.

So. After reading quite a bit about BB creams on GT forum, I got carried away by the hype (yet again) and decided to try it out for myself. I got four samplers from eBay: Skin79 VIP GoldSkin79 Hot Pink, Missha M Perfect Cover in shade no. 23 and SkinFood Mushroom Multi-Care in shade no. 2.

bb cream samples
BB cream samples

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Health, Wellness & Beauty | Reality

I Commit To Change!

By on July 10, 2010

i commit to change

My Daily Commitment:

I commit to put away P10 or more each day everyday. It is a small change, but I know it would have a big impact someday.

I commit to change my spendthrift ways. Differentiating wants from needs is a big step. I will spend now, if I need it. Those I want, will be for later if or when I’ve saved up some for them. So help me God.

I commit to do this everyday (substitute a tin can for the piggy bank though)!

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By on July 7, 2010
Gloomy Sunday shoot
some shots from our Gloomy Sunday shoot

I miss shooting. My work schedule has been pretty tight these last few months and so I have not had any time to organize even a simple photo shoot. The last time I was able to enjoy using my camera was during our company outing, and I was mostly just capturing the beautiful scenery and fun moments with friends. It still gives a different kind of rush photographing a model: looking for good angles, right lighting and striking poses, tweaking the camera settings to get the effect just right, and finally capturing that elusive moment of beauty that makes all the effort well worth it.

I was lucky that despite my limited experience in photographing (amateur but very pretty) models, I produced some pretty decent images. I was able to qualify (yes, there was a screening) for membership at Model Mayhem. However, I have not had the pleasure of working with anyone (except for Robert who is one of my friends) from the site yet because of time constraints. Someday, I hope.

So. Who wants to be my model? Anyone up for a shoot? Email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. ^_^

Have a great day everyone!

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Older is better

By on July 6, 2010
old PE t-shirt
me in my old SBC PE t-shirt

I do not dress up even when I go out, so it should come as no surprise that this is how I dress up (or down, if you must) when I’m at home. Just a baggy (but clean) t-shirt and comfy shorts. And rubber flip-flops of course. The name of the game is comfort, plain and simple.

Nothing beats the comfort of all PE t-shirts. Old, as in elementary-and-high-school-days old. You know, those that are already worn smooth and already yellowish from all the years of use and abuse but still managed to survive intact. It may sound gross and all, but for me it’s not. The older the (baggy) t-shirt, the better.

Same applies to friends, in most cases.

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Health, Wellness & Beauty

What I’m saving up for right now

By on July 5, 2010

Shiseido Purewhite EX
Shiseido Purewhite EX

When did I ever become interested in glutathione? I am not exactly too dark to begin with, but a little more whitening won’t hurt. Haha. And besides, the whitening is just a side effect of taking glutathione anyway. What I really am after is liver detox. Lord knows how much junk food I’ve consumed in my short lifetime (I’ve had UTI several times because of all the salt content, to give you an idea) and I hardly think my liver has come out unscathed. And so before my liver develops any serious damage, a preemptive strike is in order.

But why this particular brand? I actually am torn between this and PH338 (another Japanese oral glutathione product I discovered in GT forums), but after asking someone who’s used both products and learning that this works faster in whitening the skin.. You get why I chose this. Haha. So yeah, maaaaybe there was a hint of vanity in my decision back there. Sue me. Every female has that, even in the smallest of doses. =P

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