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Pilot Metropolitan ver. 2.0

My Pilot Metropolitan ver. 2.0

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Intermittent Fasting July 2018 update

Intermittent Fasting (July 2018 Update)

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Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook

Initial Review: Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook

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Health, Wellness & Beauty

My first ever Blog Giveaway entry!

By on June 29, 2010

I do not wear makeup. At all. Ask anybody. I do not like the heavy feeling of whatever gunk on my face so I do not put even loose powder to take care of the oilies. That’s why most are surprised to find out that I do know how to apply makeup, though not on a hardcore professional level. Haha. But I digress.

So anyway, you might be surprised that I am joining a Blog contest with makeup as a giveaway. Well, BB creams anyway, but they do count more as makeup than skincare products so there you go.

Projectvanity.com's Dr. Jart giveaway

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Randomness | Reality

Work is Life

By on June 21, 2010

Part of my job as an engineer is revising forms used by Production, which I have been doing quite a bit of these past few days. All forms are in Excel format and each one must be printed and photocopied to be used on the production line. It may all sound real simple–and I suppose it is at first glance–but it really isn’t. Well, not for an O-C like me.

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Extra TLC for your Tresses

By on June 5, 2010

My über-long hair was already down to my butt (see pic here) when I had it cut last November ’09. Chopped off or lopped off, more like. Half was taken away, leaving me with tresses just a little past my shoulder blades. I was in shock, I tell you. In fact I still shudder at that awful memory–the snipping of the scissor blades as chunks of my long and much-beloved hair fell to the salon floor. Oh, the agony.

Though the reason for that drastic change was mostly emotional (letting go and all that), it was also partly due to practicality. As much as I love being Rapunzel, it ain’t easy keeping all that hair all shiny and healthy. The ends were already a bit dry and frizzy and basta-na-tao that I am, I was too apathetic to remedy the condition of my tresses. I was contented with just shampoo and the occasional conditioner (which did nothing for my hair anyway).

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