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June bullet journal update

Bullet Journal June Update

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Limelight sketch book

Review: Limelight Sketch Book

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bullet journal may update

Bullet Journal May Update

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Pilot Juice dark red gel pen

Pilot Juice Dark Red Gel Pen

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Yet Another Blog

By on May 15, 2010

So. I have made and abandoned quite a few blogs since I started blogging way back in high school. Suffice it to say that I simply stop posting and forget about it once I feel that I’ve outgrown that particular blog. You see, I almost always make one when a particular mood hits me: a life-altering lesson learned, a completely new perspective, you get the drift. I remember, I changed the title of my blog in a certain forum like, five or six times for the duration of its use.. But I digress, pardon me. So why this new blog?

I call this “Work in Progress” because that is what this is and this is what I am. And I think that says it all. I have no particular theme or topic in mind for this blog, just whatever comes to mind or strikes my fancy. We’ll just see how things would go.

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