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June bullet journal update

Bullet Journal June Update

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Limelight sketch book

Review: Limelight Sketch Book

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bullet journal may update

Bullet Journal May Update

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Pilot Juice dark red gel pen

Pilot Juice Dark Red Gel Pen

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Health, Wellness & Beauty

I never thought I’d love taking a bath THIS much

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I am by no means a girl that you would call kikay. By principle, I do not comb my hair and go literally bare-faced (no makeup whatsoever, not even loose powder) when out facing the world. Well, I do use lip balm (Carmex and Burt’s Bees) every now and then when my lips dry out, but that’s pretty much about it. As for hygiene, I use just regular commercial soap and shampoo strictly for cleansing purposes.

Lately though, I discovered a couple of pretty nifty *beauty* bath products while browsing GT forums. One is Cyleina Black Pearl soap.

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