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I Won’t Give Up

By on November 16, 2015


I will be the first to admit that I am not the perfect girlfriend or partner. I have too much emotional excess baggage, am prone to bouts of depression and neurotic episodes and made some pretty fantastically bad decisions in my life. And in one of those episodes earlier, I all but threw every good thing he’s done to me to his face. Not one of my proudest moments, but it did result in a good thing.

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My life according to Incubus

By on December 27, 2013

Are you a male or female: Southern Girl
How you describe yourself: Diamonds and Coal
How do you feel: Black Heart Inertia
Describe where you currently live: Sick Sad Little World
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Nowhere Fast
Your best friend is: Stellar
Your favorite form of transportation: Drive
You fear: Promises, Promises
What is the best advice you have to give: Love Hurts
Thought for the day: Are You In?
How I would like to die: A Kiss to Send Us Off
My soul’s present condition: Just a Phase
My motto: Make Yourself

This is actually a chain-letter sort of post I came across at FB. And since I’m in a certain mood right now, I am posting this here as well. If you’re feeling a bit contemplative, maybe you can even psychoanalyze that for me and tell me why just after Christmas, instead of feeling the residual cheer, I am actually feeling a bit down. Oh well.

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Fangirling on one of my teenage crushes: Gil Ofarim

By on November 5, 2013

teenage Gil Ofarim

Who here remembers Gil? Raise your hand please? Am I the only one? 😮 Gil Ofarim was one of my teenage crushes. That blue-eyed, blond-haired and left-handed (just like me!) German singer/songwriter/musician. He was popular for his collaboration with The Moffatts on the single If You Only Knew. I remember having both his solo albums Here I Am and The Album. He formed a band after that, Zoo Army then Acht, but I’ve kinda lost interest by then and moved on (move on talaga ha?). Anywho. I am not quite sure why I started looking for news about him earlier, but I did anyway and when I saw his recent photos I was like, whoa! 😮

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By on August 12, 2013


I am but one of the millions who watch this reality show. It may be “scripted” on some parts, but I like the basic concept that one gets merit solely on his/her voice, regardless of looks, age, gender, status or other discriminating factors. There are three phases to the competition: The Blind Auditions, The Battle Rounds and The Live Shows. The show is currently on The Battle Rounds.

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