2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge Update

By on November 13, 2015

111315 2015 Reading Challenge Update

Unlike last year, I am not exactly at the top of my [reading] game this year. At least, not lately. Before I got my oven, I was usually at least 3 or 4 books ahead of schedule. But ever since I started baking and selling brownies on the side, my reading time has been cut back drastically. Not that I’m complaining. But still.

It looks like for the first time since I started, I might not be able to meet my goal number of books to be read. Sad thought. I could always lower the target number of books, but that feels like an admission of defeat.

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The Start of my Writing Career!

By on August 28, 2014
Time Unbound

Ambisyosa lang. 😀 Haha. But seriously. If you read my blog, you’ll know that I am one voracious reader. Even if you don’t, the widgets below (2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge and Currently Reading) should be clues enough for you to be able to deduce such. Thing is, I love stories sooo much that I used to once dream of becoming a writer myself and publishing my own novels (take note, novels with an s) for all the world to read and enjoy.

So I guess this is how I start–with a couple of chapters and a cobbled-together book cover published on Wattpad:

Time Unbound

What happens when time as you know it starts malfunctioning and its physical manifestation suddenly shows up in front of you?

Read it here.

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