So because the campus gym was fully booked all of August, the Integrated School was only able to hold the culminating program for Buwan ng Wika today. The Nursery students were not part of the competition, but were included in the program as the introduction number. They did a folk dance routine to the tunes of Leron Leron Sinta and Mamang Sorbetero. And here’s my beloved daughter in her pretty Filipiniana costume:

090214 patadyong

Ain’t she just adorable? *sigh* I am one proud Mommy here! <3 I love how the dress looks on her too. So bright and cheery! For something that cost just Php 330 (Php 130 for the cloths and Php 200 for the mananahi) I gotta say it looks better than the ready-made and more expensive patadyong I’ve in the shops. 🙂

As for the dance itself, given that they only practiced for little more than a week, it turned out a bit magulo though you gotta give the kids props for the effort. 😉 Francine is one of the youngest (if not the youngest) in class so her movements were less coordinated than the other kids’ but still she wiggled and waved with the rest of them in her own fashion. Lol. Thankfully, none of the kids had tantrums or issues while dancing. It was so totally worth all the effort to see her up the stage and performing.


This just hammered home the thought that she really is not a baby anymore, but a “big girl” already coming into her own. Baby, don’t grow up too fast, please? No matter what you’ll still be my baby forever anyway. I love you so much Francine! <3

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