Since I would already be donning a dress and girly flats for the Baptism this Saturday, I decided to forego dainty nails and opted to have my digits cut to stubby-short (for practicality as well) and painted black. I don’t think the polish or the topcoat the manikurista used was good at all since as you can see (even with the shot all blurry), there are lots of bubbles and my forefinger’s already chipped. Same thing with my cousin who had her nails done as well. Oh well. Next time I will be having her use my nail polish, just happened I don’t have black polish at the moment.


17 thoughts on “Day 53: A concession to the old me

  1. Yay to short, dark nails. You remind me of myself. Most of the time, my nails are extremely short (contacts wearer here). I was never a fan of long talons. They’re too.. inconvenient.

    Why don’t you try Gelish? It’s better than any regular nail polish. Even if you swipe it with acetone-soaked cotton, it stays smooth and glossy.

    1. Will be keeping an eye out for Gelish, though the chances of that turning up in this sometimes somewhat-backward town is quite slim. 😐 I wear contact lenses too, and typing on a phone’s QWERTY keypad can be the pits with long talons. 😛

  2. I love having short nails painted pussy red, or any other dark shade. Long nails are too not-today and unsophisticated. Lol. Except if they were painted French tip. I want to do my nails, I’m not contented with other people’s painting on my nails.

    1. I used to do my own nails too, but has lately been quite lazy at it hence the manikurista. 😛 I am planning to remove this black polish a day or so after the Baptism anyway. Yeah, I find stubby nails painted pussy red or any dark polish quite chic. 🙂

  3. Hooray for short nails! I feel uneasy whenever I see someone with long nails and then they keep on removing the dirt under the nails through other fingers (did i make any sense?) I love to paint short nails with red polish, never fails to give the “oomph” 🙂

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