As promised yesterday, here are some pics of my Kindle cover:

I forgot to have a wallet-sized photo of Francine developed yesterday. I’m planning to put one of her pictures in that clear plastic sleeve so I could still see her everytime I read up. 🙂

Oh by the way, remember the Penshoppe flats I wanted before? I chanced upon another, better pair yesterday in dark purple patent:

And yeah, they were at half-price sale too! I got them for just P299. Not bad at all, considering they seem well-made and look pretty dainty on my feet. Got a size 6 pair even if it was a smidgen too long for me, maybe I could just stuff tissue at in front of my toes or something. Better than getting the size 5 which kinda pinches my feet.

I actually got the flats to go with the dress I’m gonna be wearing for Francine’s baptism. Yeah, no need to ask. It’s purple as well. 😉 Got it from Get Laud! It’s empire-cut and made of a drape-y material so my semi-protruding belly is not noticeable. Here it is (picture from Get Laud! FB album):

What do you think? Would the dress and the flats go well together? I tried them both on last night and I don’t think I look too bad, if a tad casual because of the flats. The dress would surely go better with heels, but that’s not really an option when you’ll be carrying a baby and need to be stable on your feet. 😛

18 thoughts on “Purple lovin’

  1. You’d be one of the mom’s like Heidi Klum or Miranda Kerr who looks hot even just after birth. That dress is definitely hot and would look good in ballet flats.

    1. Whoa, that’s quite a leap sis. Heidi Klum? Miranda Kerr? The only common factor we all have is we gave birth! Pero wala pa ata sa kalingkingan ng hotness nila ang beauty ng lola mo! Haha. I’d be happy to look even just halfway decent in that dress. 😀 But thanks anyway for the vote of confidence sis! 😉

  2. Hi! =)

    Saw a link of your blog on GT. I’ve been wanting to get a JAVOedge cover for my Kindle. So far, how is it in terms of quality and durability? Thanks! =)

    1. In terms of quality, the cover is well-made and the Kindle fits snugly in it. Doesn’t slide out or anything. The magnet isn’t that strong, but enough to keep the cover closed anyway. As for durability, I’ve only had it for a coupla days but it looks to be able to withstand abuse use and then some. Although of course, you gotta take care of it too. 🙂 Hope that helps! 🙂

    1. Thanks sis! I actually do gain weight easily, nagkataon lang napag-diet ako ng doctor during my last trimester kaya whatever little weight I gained before eh nawala din. Can’t say I’m complaining though. 😉

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